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Hello Readers,

For the past few years, we have been experimenting with the style, format, and look of our Nature’s Corner® magazine, in order to come up with the right voice and content to make it the best animals’ magazine in the market.  Over the years, I have spoken with many potential consumer readers in focus groups, as well as to the magazine’s current readers.  Thank you so much to all of you for your incredible feedback.

One of the results from “all of that talking” was the new design in the Alex Memorial issue.  Thank you for all of your enthusiastic compliments about that issue.  We are extremely excited about the overall potential of Nature’s Corner®; and we really look forward to making it the best ever!  But I have decided to hold off on any further redesign until I have found the right team of animal loving writers and designers to help me. 

Meanwhile, we have sent copies of my latest book, BRINGING BACK THE MAGIC, to current Nature’s Corner (old Grey Play Round Table®) subscribers, both as a gift and as a replacement for a few of the magazine issues.  

When it is time to reintroduce Nature’s Corner Magazine, there will most definitely be a big SPLASH on this website.  So please keep checking in…visit our BLOG…look for more new website articles… read the many book reviews… and give your animal companions a great big hug for us, please!

Maggie Wright

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