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Animal Psychic Readings
Meet Deana
Meet Tico

Dear Animal Psychic,

What can you tell me about my two precious companions?

Deana B.

Dear Deana,

The following is what I pick up from viewing the picture:

He (I think) or she is shy, fears criticism and is VERY sensitive to your vocal tones and volume. The dog knows EXACTLY ‘what’ you are saying, especially when it pertains to commands and accusations. He/she is very forgiving of people and of his/her ‘beloved animal friends”….BUT this dog is also very protective and sometimes aggressive with strangers and anyone who arouses suspicion. This animal can be a picky eater, but only when he or she is “not feeling 100%.”

This dog is playful, loving, and is still a puppy at heart. He or she worries about everything and can often behave or come across as looking “nervous.” He/she has a tendency for getting underfoot. As a matter of fact, the dog LOVES to get “slightly stepped on” and then yips ….with the result of getting SKADS of apologies, pets and kisses “poured” over him. This dog LOVES “kiss” and knows the word really well!

BOTH DOGS are healthy. The first dog is more vulnerable to illness through headaches, ear infections, skin sensitivities, and/or dry skin. He does NOT like groomers; but he likes you to groom him. The second dog is a big pushover for almost anyone and loves being fussed over in any form. BOTH are great pets and you are the lucky person.

In the future, it would be even more helpful to provide the names, sexes and birthdates of the animals, as it gives me a closer ‘connection’ with them and I can discern more information.

Your Animal Psychic/Astrologer,
Rita Ann


Dear Rita Ann,


My boy--Kiko-7 (9/1/98) is the one on the left. We adopted him and he almost got put to sleep because “aggressive is an understatement.” We had to send him to doggie boot camp. He was actually in a tuxedo and in my wedding pictures. He is a picky eater but loves veggies, pasta, anything mama makes. He had seizures and is on Pheno. Thank goodness they were very mild and he is on a mild dose pf Pheno, but it seems to have helped. He is constantly licking his paws and driving me nuts…..not necessarily his hind area, but his front paws. He does, however, love to get a shower (will jump in the bathtub and lie down and wait for us to bathe him--the warmer the water, the better). He LOVES the blow dryer. He is my little boy and the love of my life.

My little girl—Angel is 2 years old (4/15/02). We bought her as a playmate for Kiko. They are inseparable. And yes--she LOVES attention and is always getting under my feet. She HATES the blow dryer or anything that makes noise--vacuum, etc...Kiko is actually the better one at the groomer, as she isn't fond of it. She hates to get dressed but knows once I put her pajamas on it is time for bed. Sometime the command SIT is the only way I can calm her down at night. We lost my dad last year (Grandpa) and she had a hard time with that. She was closer to him than Kiko was.

These are my kids and they know it.

Thank you so much for this!!!

Deana B-

Okay, I'm Game! Here's a picture of Tico, my 17 Y/O Timneh. I have had him for about 7 years. I was told he is a male, but he has never been sexed.


Dear Cricket,

Tico may turn out to be female; but either way, you have ONE very 'bonded' birdie there! He loves you very much and may have small panic attacks when you are gone for any 'extended' or unusual time frames. He will then pace, chew and run though his 'vocabulary' almost 'in a nervous pitch' [no matter WHO else is there. IF he is alone, try leaving an extended tape recorder on, but only in an 'atypical departure,'] 

He just LOVES listening to the answering machine, and he may do the 'phone ringing' to try and relate to his entertaining listening for that day. 

He loves toys… mostly just DESTROYING them. He is trying to tell me that you gave him one recently that he 'demolished.' Now, he really wishes he didn't because he 'misses it.' Was it a parrot shape? Or another animal figure? Was it rubber or stuffed? He seems to have looked upon it as a 'companion' of sorts and now 'misses it.' 

Play music, but not too loud. Boy is his hearing ever SHARP! He does not like rock/pop and appears to tolerate country, but he really enjoys 'new age' and soft jazz. 

He appears quite happy and rather healthy, as I see no real problems in this picture. He just is an attention hog; but what African Grey isn't? He wants to be 'less shy' with some visitors and needs positive experiences. He also wants to 'ask' for certain food stuffs, but does not know their names. Does he drink a warm beverage with you, like tea? Have you ever offered him some? Just make sure it does not have caffeine. 

Enjoy! This picture made me miss my own African Grey, Captain, sooooo much! Kiss Tico for ME, will you? 

Your Psychic Astrologer, 

Rita Ann


HI Rita Ann,

You are the second person who has told me that Tico is a female. The first person was Jane Norman of African Queen Babies in Maryland… and now you. Tico does not talk very much; but he does say a few words. He also has a wide range of clicks and beeps. And, oh yes, he screams and shrieks pretty well too. The previous owners had a cat, so he loves to Meow!!. Sigh!

I am the third person to have Tico. The first couple got him as a wild caught and gave him to their daughter and son in law. Then, after about 8 years, they gave him to me because Tico was very demanding of their attention, and they just didn't have the time for him. By the evening of the day when I brought him home, we had already bonded very tightly. He did and does bring tears of joy to my eyes as I hold him.

You are quite right that he loves destroying toys. His favorite type of toy is anything with wood beads, which he reduces to wood chips within hours! He does seem to pine once the toys are gone, so I get him new ones! But he does not like stuffed animals of any type and will puff up really large and growl at them to “Scare them away” ....LOL.

I am not a tea drinker, but he does enjoy a few sips of V-8 Splash before bedtime. Also, he loves milk, which I let him taste very sparingly.

I usually have the TV on for most of the day. I work at home and it's (TV) tuned to the classical movie stations. But when I do play music, it is generally the new age stuff and he will jam right along with it.

“He” is my best friend; and when I walk the dog, I can hear him going though his entire repertoire of whistles and shrieks, presumably calling me back. I can hear him from down the street most of the time!

He does not like other people, and if someone visits, he will throw toys off of his cage and shred paper and throw that too. I had never thought of this behavior as being “frustration” because he wanted to know them. That is an interesting observation.

I am glad Tico brought back fond memories of Captain. He is truly one of God's more precious creatures. Every day, he does something that makes me smile and warms my heart!!

Thank you so much for your time. This has been really fun!!


Along with your questions, email this photo to: The US mail address is: Animal Psychic, Nature's Corner Magazine, P.O. Box 139, Purchase, NY 10577-0139. 

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