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Over my many years of professional metaphysical experience, I have been privy to a variety of examples of the 'human/animal' spiritual connection. Sharing these stories might be entertaining; but helping YOU deal with your own 'encounters' on a one-to-one basis may provide a far better 'learning forum' for us all.

Most metaphysically trained practitioners believe that animals too, have a soul. It is my personal opinion that their souls have different properties and a separate ‘set of rules and regulations’ than our own. But yet their souls are similar, in that they too grow, learn, spiritually advance, incarnate, reincarnate and 'bond' to each other and to us on their 'journey' through existence. What I am able to do in many cases is 'crack into that code,' and then 'tap into the information encoded in the trip/exchange.' This is done in an attempt to assist in any way that I can, when given the opportunity through the 'sharing process,' which I pick up on through my psychic ability.

Here now begins that sharing process with all of you and your 'psychic animal encounters.' What I need, ideally, is a picture of the animal, preferably against a light colored and uncluttered background. The photo should be as 'close up' as possible and containing a shot of the eyes. Pictures can only be returned if a self addressed, stamped envelope is included. Digital pictures emailed are the best as several shots can be sent.

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Along with your questions, email this photo to: The US mail address is: Animal Psychic, Nature's Corner® Magazine, 13835 N. Tatum Boulevard, Ste 9 - 609, Phoenix , AZ 85032  

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